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Being involved in a motorcycle accident can cause lasting damage that will stay with a person throughout the rest of their life. That’s true for even minor accidents, as they can cause pain and suffering that’s not easily removed. If you’ve been in an accident, it’s time to contact Bartlett & Grippe, LLC in order to find out your rights and see what type of compensation is fair to you.

The other party’s insurance company is going to want to settle for as little as possible, but you don’t have to accept their offer. Get our motorcycle accident attorneys to help you make your case and win a fair settlement that adequately compensates you for your pain and suffering.

Motorcycle Traffic Accident Lawyers Can Help You

People who ride motorcycles should be able to feel safe on the roads. Unfortunately, sometimes something goes wrong and another driver doesn’t see the motorcyclist. There’s an accident, and because of the lack of protection a person has when riding a motorcycle there can be significant injuries even from a low-speed collision. Broken bones, damaged skin, and internal or head injuries are not uncommon when a person is involved in a motorcycle accident.

Fortunately, there is help available so you can financially handle the aftermath of the accident. That can include medical bills and repairs to the motorcycle or replacement of it, but there may be other expenses. Lost wages are a common expense after an accident, as is physical therapy. Additionally, you may have mental and emotional trauma from the motorcycle accident that will take some time to work through. If you’ve been permanently injured or disabled from the accident, that should also be compensated, contact a good attorney as soon as possible.

Hire the Right Attorney for Your Case

Our top rated motorcycle attorneys are prepared to handle your motorcycle accident case. With years of experience, as motorcycle riders and in the courtroom, we are aware of the devastation traffic accidents of all types can cause for those involved in them. That’s why proper representation and compensation are so important, so you can get what you deserve and protect your assets from medical bills and other expenses that can come from an accident.

Don’t settle for what the other party’s insurance company wants to give you. You deserve fair compensation for the damage incurred. The right attorney can make sure the settlement you receive truly compensates you for the accident.