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Best CT Accident Attorney

When experience, integrity, and results matter.

Finding the best Connecticut accident attorney can be difficult.

Consider the following 12 questions:

  • Commitment – Will the accident attorney devote the many hours of detailed work required or will the case be handed off to an associate with less experience? Continuity from start to finish is critically important if you are to maximize the value of your case.
  • Experience – Has the accident attorney handled hundreds of accident cases that they have learned from? Experience can make a big difference.
  • Trials – Does the accident attorney handle trials, or does he refer cases that require a trial to other attorneys? Has the accident attorney successfully defended his clients’ verdicts in appeals to the Appellate and Supreme Court?
  • Experts – Is the firm willing to devote its resources to retain experts to build a strong case on your behalf? Having a knowledgeable and experienced expert can be the deciding factor in your case.
  • Knowledge – Can the firm analyze complicated medical records? Having a medical expert on staff that knows what to look for based on years of medical experience can affect the value of your case.
  • Recognition – How is the attorney ranked by national rating agencies such as Avvo and Super Lawyers? A lawyer’s experience is key.
  • Insight – Does the accident attorney have a diverse background which includes working as a defense attorney for insurance companies and do they represent any insurance companies now? Knowledge of the process and the tactics used by insurance companies helps to level the playing field between injured parties and insurance companies.
  • Compassion – Will the accident attorney spend the time answering your questions and asking the right questions about how the accident affects you financially, emotionally, physically, and how the accident limits your daily activities? Having a caring and compassionate attorney on your side will ease the process and strengthen your case.
  • Preparation – Does the accident attorney prepare for every case as if it will ultimately go to trial, and if it does, will they be the attorney representing you in court? Favorable settlements don’t just happen on their own. Hard work and preparation are necessary to be successful at trial and to position your case for a favorable settlement.
  • Personality – Will a jury relate to and trust this accident attorney? This can greatly change your outcome. Cases often hinge on whether the jury likes the attorney. If you find the attorney personable and likable so will the jury.
  • Client Satisfaction – Does the accident attorney have positive reviews from past clients?
  • Results – Most noteworthy, does the accident attorney have proven results in court? If an insurance company respects your attorney’s reputation, it should result in higher compensation for you.

The above questions are just a few of the many things you should ask yourself before choosing an accident attorney. Call Bartlett & Grippe now. 203-439-7717