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Connecticut Personal Injury Lawyers

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While some clients come to our firm suffering pain from physical injuries, others are dealing with emotional trauma from abuse. Regardless of the nature of their injuries, we dedicate all of the firm’s resources to not only maximize compensation, but also secure justice on their behalf. We fight for the people, not the powerful institutions.

Catastrophic motor vehicle accidents and traumatic instances of nursing home neglect and inappropriate sexual contact have markedly different consequences. Our lawyers are committed to pursuing the best outcome for accident and abuse victims holding parties accountable.

Our personal injury lawyers handle complex and emotionally charged legal issues that involve:

  • Automobile Accident
    • Distracted Driver Accident, including cell phone accidents and texting while driving accident cases leave loved ones with serious injuries. Too often today, drivers use cell phones and text while driving. When texting or cell phone use leads to an accident, a distracted driver accident attorney at Bartlett & Grippe can help you recover the compensation you deserve.
    • Rear-end Collision Accident These seem straight forward, but without an attorney insurance companies still try to minimize the amount they pay. Having a knowledgeable attorney on your side will help to ensure you receive the recovery you deserve.
    • Hit and Run Accident, cases often leave victims with serious injuries and questions about what can be done. By contacting a hit and run accident attorney at our firm, you will learn how your own insurance may provide you an avenue to recover for your injuries. If you have been injured, you are not alone, contact us today and let a hit and run accident lawyer at our firm guide you on the road to the recovery you deserve.
    • Drunk Driver Accident
  • Slip and Fall Accident in Connecticut as the result of the negligence of another may entitle you to compensation for damages. Slip and fall accidents often require the use of experts to explain to juries the defective condition that caused the fall and why the condition should have been fixed by the property owner. We only get paid if we win on your behalf. Put a Connecticut Slip and Fall Lawyer to work for you by calling us now.
  • Pedestrian Accident cases often involve serious injuries when a person walking or riding a bicycle is struck by a car or truck. This pedestrian accident and bicycle accident cases require knowledge of pertinent traffic laws and regulations. Some cases require the use of accident reconstructionists. Our firm has the knowledge, experience, and resources necessary to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.
  • Property Defect Accident One of Attorney Bartlett’s most rewarding results came after representing 52 clients in an apartment complex fire. Being able to help his clients get their lives back on the track made all the hours of hard work worthwhile. If you have suffered injuries as a result of a landlord or property owner’s failure to properly maintain their property, put a Cheshire property attorney to work for you by contacting us now.
  • Motorcycle Accident
  • Sexual Abuse Our Cheshire Connecticut firm has extensive experience with sexual abuse cases. We have handled many Boy Scout related sexual abuse cases in Connecticut. Attorney Bartlett was the lead counsel in one of the representative cases in the largest sexual abuse case in Connecticut history involving a hospital’s doctor and his patients. He has handled various sexual abuse cases such as sexual abuse by Boy Scout leaders, caregivers, and sexual abuse by foster parents.
  • Animal bites Dog Bite / Animal Attack victims are often left with physical and emotional scars. Connecticut has laws that protect people from vicious dogs. When dog owners violate these laws, injuries can result. If you have suffered a dog bite or other injury as a result of an animal attack, call us today.
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Fire Liability
  • Bar Fight Injury or Dram shop liability lawsuits require unique knowledge of the laws associated with drinking alcohol in Connecticut. Attorney Bartlett has successfully argued many cases at all levels of the Connecticut court system dealing with alcohol-related personal injury suits. One of his bar injury related cases was televised and this video can be seen on our home page. Put this experience to work for you by calling us now.
  • Premises Liability
  • Nursing home neglect and abuse

Facing powerful organizations and aggressive insurance companies without the help of an experienced attorney ignores their influence and resources. These institutions may claim to have the best interests of accident and abuse victims in mind. However, their goal is to minimize the negligent or deliberate acts that changed the lives of the firm’s clients and any related compensation.

The firm’s objective is to pursue justice and maximum compensation for New Haven and Waterbury residents and those throughout the State of Connecticut. Even if that means going to trial.

Clients facing an uncertain future should contact us now by filling out the intake form or calling our personal injury lawyers.